Rob Johnson leitet gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Keren Pais USA. Bevor Rob zu Pais kam, hat er gemeinsam mit Paul Gibbs (Gründer von Pais) an der Neuausrichtung der Jugendarbeit der Pantego Bible Church in Arlington (Texas) gearbeitet. Er hat dort 13 Jahre lang als Jugendpastor und Leiter der Student Comunities gedient.

2009 begannen Rob und Keren Pais USA zu leiten, nachdem Rob über 25 Jahre Erfahrung in der Jugendarbeit gesammelt hat. Zurzeit liegt der Schwerpunkt von Rob auf den Finanzen und dem Recruitment und von Keren auf dem Training und der Vision.

Rob kommt ursprünglich aus Großbritannien und hat dort im Einzelhandel gearbeitet bist Gott ihn in die Gemeindearbeit gerufen hat. Seine theologische Ausbildung hat er in Cambridge gemacht und gleichzeitig in einer Gemeinde in Romford Essex gearbeitet. Rob und Keren sind dann in die USA gezogen, wo Rob einen Master in Cross Cultural Ministrys am Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas gemacht hat.

Die Johnsons leben in den USA seit 1996 und sind kürzlich amerikanische Staatsbürger geworden. Sie haben zwei Kinder, Luke und Rachel, die beiden in Arlington (Texas) geboren wurden. Dort fühlen sie sich zu Hause. In seiner Freizeit trainiert Rob die Fußballmannschaft seines Sohnes Luke.

Robs Life-Shape ist das Dreieck. Menschen mit dem Dreieck als Persönlichkeitsform bringen Konzepte, Entwicklung und Kreativität in ein Team.

Entdecke deinen Life-Shape.

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Having worked alongside Rob Johnson for 9 years, both on church staff and with the Pais Movement, it has been clear that Rob has a genuine love for people, a passion for evangelism and an authentic desire to see things change for the better.
I have become a better, more rounded leader and a bolder person for having spent time with Rob. I will be forever grateful for the ministry opportunities he has presented to me.
Chris Cunnington, Youth Pastor, City on a Hill
Rob is the kind of man you want on your ministry team. An earnest lover of Christ and a faithful servant to the people of Christ. I have known Rob now for over 15 years and have enjoyed the varied aspects of his person that combine to make him a good friend and special minister. Fun-loving – almost to the maximum – and yet ardent at achieving tasks and fulfilling responsibilities. Rob helps people work together to effectively and excitedly fulfill the Kingdom tasks set before them.
Simon Leigh-Jones, Pastor of Community & Young Adults, Crossroads of Arlington
I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Rob over the past 15 years on mission trips, leading youth groups, as well as partnering on Pais. What I’ve found is that there is no one more passionate about developing a “Kingdom” mindset with today’s youth. Rob believes in empowering young people to develop, grow and, most importantly, lead others to Christ.
Matt Powell, Group Media Director, Moroch
I have had the privilege of knowing Rob and his wife Keren for nearly 20 years. During that period, I have observed Rob in action as a faithful and effective Christian ministry leader. Rob’s cheerful personality reflects the love of Christ and his delightful demeanor appeals to everyone with whom he engages.

Rob has been an excellent role model for those seeking a more active and rewarding relationship with God. It has been a pleasure to witness Rob’s spiritual growth over time, and I look forward to seeing him blossom further. I respect Rob as a man of good moral character and a beacon of Christ’s love in today’s turbulent world.

Maurice Clark, Director of Acquisitions, Alternative Equity Advisors Inc.


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